Nitin Bassi
Agrarian Crisis in India: Status, Dimensions and Mitigation Strategies
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ISBN: 9789354794544
Author : Nitin Bassi
Published: 2022
Publisher: SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 215.90×139.70
Agrarian Crisis in India: Status, Dimensions and Mitigation Strategies looks at India’s agrarian crisis from the perspectives of limits induced by land scarcity and water stress, the changing dynamics with respect to costs of various inputs, and the externalities induced by changing environmental and market conditions. To understand whether the crisis is a relatively recent phenomenon or has existed before, the book analyses the situation from a historical perspective.

The book studies the primary factors driving annual agricultural growth rates and discusses whether there are more factors that determine short-term growth rates and to what extent they can influence the long-term growth. As livestock has a major role in making the farming system resilient, the book covers livestock rearing and dairy farming in detail. It examines the risk implications of the changing characteristics of farming systems, analyses existing strategies for supporting irrigation development and promoting productivity, and suggests some key policy measures for improving growth in different agro-ecologies.

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