Mike McLaughlin
Braver Leaders in Action: Personal and Professional Development for Principled Leadership
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ISBN: 9781803821788
Author : Mike McLaughlin
Published: 2022
Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
Number of pages: 176
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
Format: 229×152

Braver Leaders in Action explains why it is vital for ordinary leaders to be brave in the context of unprecedented global challenges. Exercises and practical examples from experienced leaders help you to grow your awareness and understanding, boosting your potential to be a braver leader and prompting reflection on your development in eight key areas.

Each area explores the braver forms of personal and corporate leadership necessary for future leaders via four related “cornerstones” derived from literature reviews, discussions with leaders, and many years of developmental and coaching conversations.

This well-referenced and practical book is essential reading for a range of readers across sectors including management and leadership, coaching, mentoring and followership. Supporting the case for new ways of thinking about leadership in current conditions – and what its core purpose may actually be – Braver Leaders in Action fills a gap in the current leadership literature by exploring how leaders can truly bring a braver stance to their life and work.

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