Ian Domowitz
The Vice-Chairman's Doctrine: Rocking the Top in Industry Version 4.0
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ISBN: 9781637422304
Author : Ian Domowitz
Published: 2022
Publisher: Business Expert Press
Number of pages: 180
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
Format: 229×152
There are books about product and companies but no books about a company as a product.

The Vice Chair arrives from orbit around a corporation with a doctrine of leadership without authority for business warriors who reject control, live in a world of influencers, and aspire to become one.

Process and culture converge as competitive advantage by refashioning priorities for Industry 4.0 through unorthodox lenses in a no holds-barred treatment of influence and leverage complete with coaching, mantras, and essential tales of leadership. Competitive action is focused through design thinking and transformation within a social system. A greater metamorphosis combines personal development with management of a company as though it were a product, leading to culture, branding, and innovation in the form of actionable values.

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