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Christopher Hart

You Can Draw Anything!

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ISBN: 9781684620074
Author : Christopher Hart
Published: 2021
Publisher: Mixed Media Resources
Number of pages: 144
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Draw along with bestselling author and artist Christopher Hart as he shows you how to draw...anything!

In You Can Draw Anything!, acclaimed drawing instructor and author Christopher Hart leads you through a fun, easy, and informative course in learning to draw. Each lesson teaches you how to create one or more specific drawings, while also sharing important art principles that you can apply to many drawings. In classic Christopher Hart style, the lessons are shown step by step with concise but valuable instruction, captions, and helpful hints. The lessons are grouped into chapters that allow you to explore a variety of subjects, including animals, people, flowers and trees, cute stuff, magical themes, and more. It's like taking a course in art school--from the comfort of your own home!

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