Leon de Stadler

Communicate as a Professional

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ISBN: 9789462988101
Author : Leon de Stadler
Published: 2019
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Number of pages: 436
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
Format: 240×170
Across a wide range of programs in international higher education, students prepare themselves for a career in their professional field. Learning how to communicate as a professional is an essential part of that preparation. In order to carry out their communication tasks, professionals must possess a large repertoire of knowledge and skills. They also must be able to decide what best suits the situation and the goals they want to achieve. Already during their training, students come across a variety of communication tasks that are largely new to them. For these tasks, too, they need a broad knowledge and skills repertoire from which they can make the right choices. 'Communicate as a Professional' offers a solid foundation for students to develop the communication knowledge and skills they need, both when working as a professional after they have graduated and when following an educational program that prepares them for this future.

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