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Amanda Coleman

Everyday Communication Strateg ies

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ISBN: 9781398606975
Author : Amanda Coleman
Published: 2022
Publisher: Kogan Page
Number of pages: 264
Language: English
Format: Paperback

Respond effectively to day-to-day problems, challenges and incidents to prevent them from developing into a crisis and disrupting your business with this best-practice communications roadmap.

Protect your brand's reputation and maintain public confidence by successfully managing everyday incidents and issues and preventing them from escalating into a corporate crisis.

For most companies and communicators, dealing with a full-blown crisis is few and far-between. Every day, however, they are faced with various types of problems, challenges and incidents, which include customer complaints, campaign failure, staff comments and online criticism. Everyday Communication Strategies shows how to effectively contain these emerging situations and prevent them from destabilizing a business and impacting consumer confidence. It presents an easy-to-follow blueprint to ensure that identification can effectively move into intervention and action and explores how to develop appropriate messaging, work with the media and manage social media to minimize negative publicity and attention.

Also covering how to build resilience and make effective decisions under pressure, it is supported by tips, checklists and flowcharts, as well as a range of case studies and examples from organizations including KPMG, Jo Malone and General Mills. Everyday Communication Strategies is an indispensable guide to averting a crisis and preventing your business or brand from being plunged into a reputational storm.

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