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Meghan Ortega, RN

Gahart's 2021 Intravenous Medications

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ISBN: 9780323757386
Author : Meghan Ortega, RN
Published: 2020
Publisher: Elsevier
Language: English
Format: Spiral bound

<p>The essential information you need to safely administer more than 400 intravenous drugs! For over 45 years, <b>Gahart’s 2021 Intravenous Medications: A Handbook for Nurses and Health Professionals</b> has been a trusted resource for comprehensive drug coverage, unparalleled accuracy, and an intuitive quick-access format. In addition to updated drug interactions, precautions, alerts, and patient teaching instructions for all existing IV drugs, this new 37th edition includes more than a dozen new monographs of the most recent IV drugs to be approved by the FDA. Administering intravenous drugs is a critical task — inaccurate or out-of-date information is not an option. Known as the #1 IV drug handbook on the market, Gahart’s annual publication, with its history of impeccable accuracy, gives you the extra confidence and guidance you need to safely and effectively treat patients. </p><ul><b> <li>Monographs on more than 400 IV drugs</b> offers an impressive breadth of coverage that goes well beyond any comparable drug reference.</li> <li><b>Updated annual publication </b>prevents you from referencing outdated information.</li> <li><b>Additional drug monographs</b> are housed on the companion Evolve website.</li> <li><b>A 45-year history of impeccable accuracy </b>reinforces the importance of safe IV drug administration.</li> <li><b>The perfect depth of information </b>equips you with everything that is needed by today’s clinicians for safe administration of IV drugs — nothing more, nothing less.</li> <li><b>Proven, clinically optimized format </b>keeps all dosage information for each drug on either a single page or a two-page spread to prevent hand contamination by having to turn a page.</li> <li><b>Highlighted <i>Black Box Warnings</i> and relevant content </b>make locating critical information fast and easy.</li> <li><b>Special circumstances in blue-screened text </b>call attention to important circumstances that may not warrant <i>Black Box Warnings.</i></li> <li><b>Life stage dosage variances</b> are highlighted for geriatric, pediatric, infant, and neonatal<b> </b>patients.</li> <li><b>Dilution and dosage charts within monographs </b>provide quick access to essential clinical information.</li> <li><b>Convenient, alphabetical format</b> organizes all drug monographs by generic name, allowing you to find any drug in seconds.</li></ul><ul><b> <li>NEW! Drug monographs for 19 newly approved drugs by the FDA</b> provides you with the most current drug information.</li> <li><b>Updates on drug interactions, precautions, alerts, and more </b>have been made throughout the guide to reflect all changes to existing medications.</li></ul>

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