Bernard O'Kane

Studies in Persian Architecture

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ISBN: 9781474474849
Author : Bernard O'Kane
Published: 2021
Publisher: EUP
Number of pages: 672
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 244×170
This lavishly illustrated volume – with many images previously unpublished in colour – collects 25 articles by Bernard O’Kane on a wide variety of topics pertaining to Persian architecture in its widest sense. His analyses range from historiography and tilework to the development of the domes of Iranian mosques. He covers the buildings of the major medieval dynasties – the Seljuqs, Ilkhanids and Timurids – as well as the formerly neglected monuments of the Chaghatai, Muzaffarid, Kartid and Jalayirid dynasties and Uzbek monuments in Afghanistan.

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