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The Max Planck Handbooks in European Public Law: Volume IV: Constitutional Adjudication: Common Themes and Challenges

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ISBN: 9780192846693
Published: 2023
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Number of pages: 720
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 251 x 176
The Max Planck Handbooks in European Public Law series describes and analyzes the public law of the European legal space, an area that encompasses not only the law of the European Union but also the European Convention on Human Rights and, importantly, the domestic public laws of European states. Recognizing that the ongoing vertical and horizontal processes of European integration render legal comparison the task of our time for both scholars and practitioners, the project aims to foster a better understanding of the specific European legal pluralism and, ultimately, to contribute to the legitimacy and efficiency of European public law. The first volume of the series began this endeavour with an appraisal of the evolution of the state and its administration, offering both cross-cutting contributions and specific country reports. The third volume (the second in chronological terms) continues this approach with an in-depth appraisal of constitutional adjudication in various and diverse European countries. Fourteen country reports and two cross-cutting contributions investigate the antecedents, foundations, organization, procedure, and specific approach to constitutional issues throughout the Continent. The fourth volume now compares European constitutional jurisdiction in the European legal space. It examines the structures of the organization, the appointment of judges, the procedures and the methods of argumentation and interpretation, their impact on state and society, their legitimacy as well as their role in the division of powers, and thus completes the picture following the country reports in Volume III. This comparative perspective is supplemented by an examination that illustrates the relationship with the ECJ, the ECtHR, and the Venice Commission as well as their (constitutional) function. Finally, Constitutional Adjudication: Common Themes and Challenges is devoted to the challenges constitutional jurisdiction in the European judicial area is currently facing. The historical, political, and theoretical foundations as well as the basic dogmatic features of constitutional jurisdiction are presented in such a way that the discussion about its role and further development in this legal space is sustainably stimulated.

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