Tom Gillie

Organised Politics, Law and Practice

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ISBN: 9781509969111
Author : Tom Gillie
Published: 2024
Publisher: Hart Publishing
Number of pages: 336
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 234×156
This is the first comprehensive guide to the rules of organised political activity in Britain and the standards of conduct expected of those involved in it. Organised politics involves not only political parties (their members, leaders, officials, and elected representatives in local and national governments) but also trade unions, charities, lobbyists and others. This book codifies the statutory and case law regulating their activity, including much not addressed elsewhere. It provides detailed and practical guidance on establishing and operating political parties, the rights of party members and powers of committees, electing party leaders, selecting candidates, party discipline, controlling political factions, holding meetings, political campaigning by charities and trade unions, lobbying, Parliamentary conduct and standards, and other matters. This accessible guide is designed for those needing to ensure that political office-holders act lawfully, for those who want to hold them to account, for lawyers, politicians (e.g. MPs, peers, local councillors, mayors, and electoral candidates) ordinary party members and others involved in political activity, and for students and everyone interested in how politics works.

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