David L. Hudson Jr.

Teen Legal Rights

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ISBN: 9781440880292
Author : David L. Hudson Jr.
Published: 2024
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Number of pages: 336
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 254×177.80
Teen legal rights are perpetually changing in American society, whether in the classroom, at work, or within family and community settings. Fully revised and updated to reflect important changes in the legal status and rights of young people from all walks of life, the fourth edition of Teen Legal Rights is an accessible and indispensable resource to help teenagers navigate and understand the extent and limitations of their rights and liberties. Employing a simple FAQ format organized into nearly two dozen topical chapters (including new chapters devoted to such subjects as immigration and trans youth), First Amendment scholar David L. Hudson Jr. provides an authoritative analysis of the judicial system as it pertains to teens and their interests, explaining important court decisions, legal arguments, and legislative changes to help teens better understand how their rights are evolving as they move deeper into the 2020s.

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