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Rainer Grote

Research Handbook on Complianc in International Human Rights

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ISBN: 9781788971119
Author : Rainer Grote
Published: 2021
Publisher: Edward Elgar
Number of pages: 576
Language: English
Format: Hardback
This comprehensive Research Handbook offers an in-depth examination of the most significant factors affecting compliance with international human rights law, which has emerged as one of the key problems in the efforts to promote effective protection of human rights. In particular, it examines the relationships between regional human rights courts and domestic actors and judiciaries.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the Research Handbook explores the legal and political considerations that shape compliance, using a combination of both international and comparative law analysis in the assessment of regional human rights regimes. Chapters written by leading scholars and practitioners from around the globe cover a wide range of jurisdictions from Europe, Latin America and Africa and their interactions with regional human rights courts. The Research Handbook also discusses the limits of, and possible alternatives to, compliance as a framework for analysis, offering a fuller understanding of the effectiveness of international human rights law.

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