Duplicate - Humanitas


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ISBN: 9780323733991
Published: 2021
Publisher: Elsevier
Language: English
Format: Hardback

Guest edited by Drs Megan Shepherd and Patricia Harris, this issue of Veterinary Clinics: Equine Practice will cover several key areas of interest related to Equine Nutrition. This issue is one of three selected each year by our series Consulting Editor, Dr. Thomas Divers. Articles in this issue include but are not limited to: What all Veterinarians need to know about equine nutrition, How to avoid getting on the wrong side of the regulatory authorities, How to approach a nutritional investigation/assessment, Forage based nutrient deficiencies and toxicities, How can nutrition help with GIT based issues, Nutritional considerations when dealing with an underweight adult or senior horse, Nutritional considerations when dealing with an obese adult or senior horse, Nutrition and muscle, Nutrition and the broodmare, How safe and efficacious are certain neutraceuticals really, and more.

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