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Michael J. Benton

Dinosaurs Rediscovered: How a Scientific Revolution is Rewri

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ISBN: 9780500295533
Author : Michael J. Benton
Published: 2020
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Number of pages: 320
Language: English
Format: Paperback
If you want to know how we know what we know about dinosaurs, read this book! Steve Brusatte

'I defy anyone who is, like me, a non-scientist to read it and not feel a sense of wonder Tom Holland, Guardian

Startling new fossil finds are the lifeblood of modern palaeobiology. Giant sauropod dinosaur skeletons from Patagonia, dinosaurs with feathers from China, and even a tiny dinosaur tail in Burmese amber complete down to every detail of its filament-like feathers, skin, bones and mummified tail muscles inspire awe in a global audience enthralled by the idea of these great creatures walking the earth. Dinosaurs are of perennial interest to all ages, as illustrated by the huge range of dino-themed films, books and live attractions, from the enduring popularity of the Jurassic Park franchise to the success of Londons immersive Dinosaurs in the Wild experience.

In the past twenty years, dinosaur study has changed from natural history to testable science. New technologies have revealed secrets locked in the bones in a way nobody predicted we can now work out the colour of dinosaurs, their bite forces, speeds and parental care as well as how they came to die out.This groundbreaking book illustrates how science has replaced speculation and how our understanding of dinosaurs and their world hascompletely changed. The subject has never been so vigorous, has never changed so fast, and has never been so attractive to so many.

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