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Lawrence M. Thompson

Basic Electricity and Electronics for Control: Fundamentals and Applications

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ISBN: 9781643310770
Author : Lawrence M. Thompson
Published: 2021
Publisher: ISA
Number of pages: 450
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
This time- and course-tested book is designed to familiarize readers with the concepts of electricity and electronics as they pertain to industrial measurement and control. And this new fourth edition is accompanied by a lab workbook containing exercises that are designed to approximate "real-life" applications found in vocational, industrial, and occupational areas.

As a student-centered resource, this book emphasizes practical application. Where mathematics and algebraic concepts are covered, clear explanations are provided so readers can comprehend processes and solutions without having to perform any complex operations or mathematics. However, an understanding of basic math is required to fully absorb the material found in this book.

Particular attention is given to ensuring safe and successful measurement of electrical quantities and a solid understanding of digital and analog meters, bridges, power supplies, solid state circuitry, oscilloscopes, and analog-to-digital convertors. Illustrations and exercises are utilized to better explain concepts and applications and to support the readers' understanding.

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