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Hsien Hui Khoo

Towards Net Zero Carbon Initia tives: A Life Cycle Assessment

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ISBN: 9789811276200
Author : Hsien Hui Khoo
Published: 2024
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing
Number of pages: 250
Language: English
Format: Hardback
As industrialized nations look into emerging new technologies focusing on renewable or efficient energy use -- along with the move towards Sustainable Development Goals -- challenges related to achieving low carbon economy projects have gained much attention. This book explores various initiatives and potential methods to achieve net-zero carbon targets and issues.Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) will play an important role as an effective and comprehensive method to analyze potential greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts of a technology or system. LCA is a holistic and system-wide scientific method that can be used to quantify impact metrics chosen to evaluate any emerging Net-Zero Carbon technologies of interest, and reveal environmental trade-offs or further research opportunities that are required for balancing CO2 emissions. LCA perspectives of Net-Zero Carbon Technologies can also be used to outline decision-making strategies for a nation's shift towards low carbon economic development.

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