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Tomonobu Ezure

The Mechanism of Facial Aging

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ISBN: 9781527587557
Author : Tomonobu Ezure
Published: 2022
Number of pages: 201
Format: Hardback
This book is the first truly comprehensive guide to facial aging. It will interest a broad audience, ranging from general readers interested in aging and facial appearance to journalists and scientists concerned with more technical aspects of facial aging and the development of cosmetic solutions. The book takes a carefully constructed, step-by-step approach, moving from the basic deep background to the latest cutting-edge techniques and findings, many of which were developed and established by the author. Since facial appearance is recognized visually, the book provides an easy and intuitive understanding by using many photos and illustrations to depict key points, including definitions of facial aging, mechanisms involved in facial aging, and technologies used to study it. Thus, the book covers a broad range of topics, including dermatology, cosmetology, psychology, and skin physics, offering a straightforward exposition of the field by a world-leading researcher.

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