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Lucy Lucas

The Little Book of Yoga

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ISBN: 9781856753999
Author : Lucy Lucas
Published: 2019
Publisher: Octopus Publishing
Number of pages: 96
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Yoga is accessible for all, regardless of fitness, flexibility or age. More than just a workout, yoga is a way to let go, relax and become aware of yourself. Scientific research also, suggests that a regular yoga practice lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, improves balance and flexibilty and increases bone density. Whether you want to relax, become more flexible or get in touch with your spiritual side, The Little Book of Yoga will show you the way.
Find out which type of yoga is right for you, experience the calming effects of yoga breathing techniques and learn simple daily practices that will make you feel strong, calm and focused.
In this book, expert practitioner Lucy Lucas shows you how to integrate yoga into your life, simply, every day.

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