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Brian Carpenter

McGlamry's Foot and Ankle Surg ery

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ISBN: 9781975136062
Author : Brian Carpenter
Published: 2021
Publisher: Lippincott Williams and Wilkin
Number of pages: 1664
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Newly reorganized and streamlined, the fifth edition of McGlamry's Foot and Ankle Surgery remains the definitive text for today's podiatrist, foot and ankle surgeon, resident, or student, whether for everyday reference or preparing for certification exams. All clinical chapters have been formatted for ease of use, with clearly written, highly illustrated coverage of traditional as well as new and emerging techniques. Covering topics from perioperative management to postoperative complications, this must-have reference helps you master the full range of foot and ankle surgeries and procedures.

Addresses almost every aspect of foot and ankle surgery, from routine trauma of the foot and leg to compound deformities, enabling you to face any challenge with confidence.
Features 4,500 high-quality illustrations and clinical photographs, many new to this edition.
Includes access to numerous surgical and diagnostic videos from authors' vast collections.
Provides step-by-step guidance from leading authorities who demonstrate how best to perform the surgeries they have refined and perfected, while offering valuable tips for optimizing outcomes.
Contains detailed coverage of common and unusual surgeries, broadening your treatment options and helping you prepare for any scenario.

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