The Management of Metastatic Bone Cancer - Humanitas
Gregory R. Mundy

The Management of Metastatic Bone Cancer

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ISBN: 9780443072734
Author : Gregory R. Mundy
Published: 2050
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 9.69×7.44
<i>The Management of Metastatic Bone Cancer </i>covers the most recent clinical advances in this area in a concise, practical, and very visually attractive manner. It is a concise and accessible text, enhanced with specially commissioned state-of-the-art computer graphics, and full color illustrations. It presents a comprehensive and very up-to-date account of all the important issues affecting the investigation, diagnosis and management of this disease, with special emphasis on surgical, radiotherapeutic and drug treatment. There are additional chapters covering hypercalcemia and osteoporosis in metastatic bone cancer. Written by a world-class author team comprising medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, orthopedic surgeons and nurses, <i>The Management of Metastatic Bone Cancer </i>reflects the team approach taken to treat this life-threatening disease.<li><u>Feature:</u> Clear and accessible style. <u>Benefit:</u> Easy to read and understand.</li><li><u>Feature:</u> Full colour illustration. <u>Benefit:</u> Difficult concepts clearly explained. Clinical photographs reproduced as they appear in real life.</li><li><u>Feature:</u> Very up-to-date. <u>Benefit:</u> Provides timely advice</li><li><u>Feature:</u> Covers current hot topics such as the very latest on bisphosphonate drugs. <u>Benefit:</u> Provides clear advice on new issues which concern the reader</li><li><u>Feature:</u> International, multidisciplinary author team. <u>Benefit:</u> Provides depth and breadth of knowledge.</li><li><u>Feature:</u> Key points boxes at opening of chapters. <u>Benefit:</u> Summarises current developments at a glance.</li>

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