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Yuriy P. Kondratenko

Automation, Control and Robotics

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ISBN: 9788770226745
Author : Yuriy P. Kondratenko
Published: 2022
Publisher: River Publishers
Number of pages: 350
Language: English
Format: Hardback
This monograph provides an overview of the recent developments in modern control systems including new theoretical findings and successful examples of practical implementation of the control theory in different areas of industrial and special applications.

Recent Developments in Automatic Control Systems consists of extended versions of selected papers presented at the XXVI International Conference on Automatic Control "Automation 2020" (October 13–15, 2020, Kyiv, Ukraine) which is the main Ukrainian Control Conference organized by the Ukrainian Association on Automatic Control (national member organization of IFAC) and the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

This is the third monograph in the River Publishers series in Automation, Control and Robotics based on the selected papers of the Ukrainian Control Conferences "Automation", in particular, the first monograph Control Systems: Theory and Applications (2018) was published based on "Automation – 2017" and the second monograph Advanced Control Systems: Theory and Applications was based on "Automation – 2018".

The monograph is divided into three main parts: (a) Advances in Theoretical Research of Control Systems; (b) Advances in Control Systems Application; (c) Recent Developments in Collaborative Automation.

The chapters have been structured to provide an easy-to-follow introduction to the topics that are addressed, including the most relevant references, so that anyone interested in this field can get started in the area.

This book may be useful for researchers and students who are interesting in recent developments in modern control systems, robust adaptive systems, optimal control, fuzzy control, motion control, identification, modelling, differential games, evolutionary optimization, reliability control, security control, intelligent robotics and cyber–physical systems.

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