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Patrick F. Bouwman

Fundamentals of Process Control: Principles and Concepts

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ISBN: 9781643311395
Author : Patrick F. Bouwman
Published: 2021
Publisher: ISA
Number of pages: 480
Language: English
Format: Paperback / softback
This is an instructional introduction to modern-day industrial process control. The content is both practical and theoretical, with an emphasis on the basic principles and concepts of process control and how they are used in industrial applications.

The book is designed to be a self-study course for 2- or 3-year technical or degree students or individuals wishing to expand their knowledge of process control. Each chapter builds on the content of the previous chapter, expanding the reader's understanding of the subject. Example problems are used to illustrate specific concepts, and most chapters contain exercises to test and solidify the reader's understanding of the material. However, each chapter can be considered as a discussion of a specific process control topic. For those who have prior knowledge of process control, each chapter can be read and studied independently or used as a reference of the topic covered. This modular construction also enables educators who wish to incorporate the information into course materials to select specific topics and arrange them in an appropriate sequence to tailor their course material.

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