Barbara & Rene Stoeltie

Living in Provence

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ISBN: 9783836594400
Author : Barbara & Rene Stoeltie
Published: 2023
Publisher: Taschen GmbH
Number of pages: 504
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Nestled in the south of France, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, is a land renowned for its lavender fields, fine cuisine, golden sun, and dreamy landscapes.

The region of Provence has inspired such masters as Alphonse Daudet and Vincent van Gogh. So enthralled was Paul Cezanne by the Mont Sainte-Victoire that he immortalized it in a series of paintings. We enter his Provence studio, which still looks the same as it did over a century ago, as well as the house where Frederic Mistral, 1904 Nobel Prize winner, lived and wrote. We also admire the wrought-iron staircase and embroidered curtains of the Hotel Nord-Pinus in Arles, which hosted the likes of Napoleon III, Jean Cocteau, and Picasso.

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