Seema Sharma

The New Creatives

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ISBN: 9789063696931
Author : Seema Sharma
Published: 2023
Publisher: Hachette UK Distribution Ltd
Number of pages: 292
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Get a deeper understanding of the brilliance and limitations of AI, our added human value on creativity and the future of work in the creative industry.

The creative industry is rapidly evolving due to the rise of artificial intelligence. Some fear that the increase in machine-learning technologies could end human creativity. Seema Sharma, a renowned creative director at one of the world's largest independent communication agencies, believes the future of the creative industry lies in collaboration between human creators and machines.

The book "The New Creatives," which Sharma co-authored with Artificial Intelligence, offers a ground-breaking exploration of the changes to come. The authors examine the skills, processes, and work ethics that AI will affect and discuss the emotional and economic value of creativity in this new landscape. They explore the potential disappearance of certain jobs, the changing dynamics of client relationships and discuss the currency of creativity in the age of AI. The book also sheds light on new roles emerging in the industry and elaborates on the new formats that will become necessary.

- Discover how artificial intelligence will impact the creative industry, and its craft, with all of its complexities involved. - Aimed at creative makers within the creative industry. - Written in co-collaboration with AI.

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