Josef Albers
Albers and Morandi: Never Finished
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ISBN: 9781644230596
Author : Josef Albers
Published: 2021
Publisher: David Zwirner Books
Number of pages: 144
Language: English
Format: Hardback
<b>An unprecedented catalogue exploring the affinities and contrasts between Josef Albers and Giorgio Moranditwo of modern arts greatest painters. </b><br><br>"Rarely seen together, the artwork of Josef Albers (18881976) and Giorgio Morandi (18901964) shares many similarities. Although they never met, both artists worked in series as they explored difference and potential through their distinctive treatment of color, shape, form, and morphology. They were also both influenced by Cezanne. As master illusionists and experts in proportion, they tackle similar conceits from different perspectives. Albers focused on the effects of subtle or bold changes and interactions in color, while Morandi made still lifes that treat simple objects as a cast of characters on a stage, exploring their relationship in space.<br><br>Published on the occasion of the critically acclaimed exhibition <i>Albers and Morandi: Never Finished</i>, the book illuminates the visual conversation between these two artists. With the exhibition hailed by <i>The New Yorker</i>s Peter Schjeldahl as one of the best Ive ever seen, this publication brings this unusual, thought-provoking pairing to your home. Gorgeous reproductions are accompanied by a roundtable about form and color between the exhibitions curator, David Leiber; Heinz Liesbrock, the director of the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop, Germany; and Nicholas Fox Weber, the director of Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, as well as an essay by the Morandi expert and founder of the Center for Italian Modern Art, Laura Mattioli.

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