Marta Batlleiroig

Merging Cities and Nature

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ISBN: 9781638400097
Author : Marta Batlleiroig
Published: 2023
Publisher: Die Werkstatt Verlagsausliefer
Number of pages: 304
Language: English
Format: Hardback
After 40 years of professional experience developed in three areas of work —City-Territory, Landscape-Public Space and Building—, Batlle i Roig acquires a new commitment and positions itself in the face of the climate emergency, generating a sustainability matrix through which to contextualize your urban projects and urban strategies.

At Batlleiroig we have been talking about Landscape and Nature since our foundation in 1981. We are committed to the environment and involved in finding solutions to solve the climate emergency.The motto “Merging City and Nature” serves to bring together our improvement commitments in each of the actions we carry out. We work in three different disciplines: Urbanism, Landscaping and Architecture, trying to be very specialists in each of them but from the essential transversality that is required to develop any intervention. The climate emergency becomes today our main transversality, the one that should guide our actions.

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