Mario Testino

Mario Testino. I Love You

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ISBN: 9783836592017
Author : Mario Testino
Published: 2022
Publisher: Taschen GmbH
Number of pages: 248
Language: English
Format: Hardback
In I Love You, Mario Testino presents a celebration of weddings. A beginning in life -that is also a culmination and a public promise - captured by a unique photographic point of view which shows beauty not only in emotion and tradition, but in the complete intimacy of shared joy.

Featuring essays by the illustrious fashion designer Carolina Herrera and party expert Riccardo Lanza, the book traces Testino's memories of many iconic moments and many unknown ones, captured in the privacy of close friendship and family. Unparalleled access unveils the secret, the tender, the wild and the festive of such celebrations, some of which can be considered the most talked-about unions of the past four decades.

I Love You is a homage to weddings and to everything they comprise. A love declaration and a glimpse into the heart of brides getting ready, special rites among friends, the zest of extraordinary parties. Every image showing the unique fantasies of a life to start anew.

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