Lesley Ware

How To Be A FashionDesigner

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ISBN: 9780241305539
Author : Lesley Ware
Published: 2018
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Number of pages: 96
Language: English
Format: Hardback

Draw and colour creations, choose materials, and learn to design through drawing your own fashion. Packed with practical tips and inspiration, How to be a Fashion Designer helps children enjoy experimenting with new ideas. Bright illustrations mixed with fun photography show kids how to choose gorgeous colours, design dress shapes, customise t-shirts, and add sparkle to their accessories in simple, easy-to-follow design tasks and simple practical projects.

Using inspiration from the natural world, everyday life, and their own imagination, children can design outfits from scratch and learn how to put together the clothes and accessories they already own in fun, stylish ways. How to be a Fashion Designer is perfect for 7-9 year olds and brings a unique approach to STEAM learning by combining art and design with practical, hands-on making.

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