Ford, Tom

Savile Row

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ISBN: 9780500292617
Author : Ford, Tom
Published: 2017
Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd
Number of pages: 288
Language: English
Format: Hardback
The skilled tailors of Savile Row in Mayfair, central London, have dressed kings, movie stars, rock legends, billionaires and even a few regular guys. A Savile Row suit remains an enduring and highly individual symbol of the finest a man can buy. From its origins close to Britains main royal palaces, the Row has grown from clothing aristocrats to military men; more recently it has been revivified by the renewed appreciation of personalized, handmade goods, and by a new generation of modern sartorialists seeking heritage luxury. Told through eight chronological themes, this beautifully illustrated celebration brings together Savile Rows highlights and low-lifes, the dramas and private tales, the suits and their accoutrements, the fabrics and the cuts, the history and future, as never before. Each chapter charts a stage of the Rows development and its contribution to mens fashion and culture. Throughout the book are dispersed 26 profiles of todays master tailors, providing insight into what makes their work, relationships and clothes so special. The book is finely detailed with reference sections on the anatomy and making of the perfect suit. This once-in-a-lifetime publication, by the archetypal modern gentleman and devoted customer of the Row, weaves a fabric rich with anecdote, personality and sartorial detail.

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