Felix Nash

Cider : Understanding the world of natural, fine cider

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ISBN: 9781912983582
Author : Felix Nash
Published: 2023
Publisher: Ryland Peters Small
Number of pages: 208
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Welcome to the cider revolution — explore the fine cider movement, and the people and producers behind it.

Think you know about cider? Well, think again. It’s not about flavorless fizz, or the so-called “flavored ciders” that don’t actually contain any apples. The contemporary cider scene is an exciting place to spend some time, as passionate makers celebrate tradition and terroir while also embracing seasonality, innovation, and experimentation to produce characterful drinks that are quite remarkable. Cider is now a key player in the drinks industry, with a new breed of drink shops that take it just as seriously as wine. Cider looks at this modern cider movement, charting its beginnings and introducing some of the key players in fine-cider making, as well as guiding you through the characteristics of different apple varieties, the cider-producing regions around the world, the processes and techniques of cider production, how cider is an exceptional partner with food and, of course, recommending ciders you need to try.

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