Michael Jackson

Malt Whisky Companion

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ISBN: 9780241557105
Author : Michael Jackson
Publisher: DK
Number of pages: 480
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 224 x 131

A new and updated edition of the classic, definitive guide to malt whiskies, originally written by the late Michael Jackson and fully updated by whisky experts Dominic Roskrow and Gavin D. Smith.

The fully revised 8th edition of the Malt Whisky Companion will teach you everything you want to know about your favourite tipple. How should you taste a single malt scotch whisky? Which whiskies are light and flowery, or rich and treacly? How different is a single malt scotch from a distillery in the Highlands to one from the islands? If you find yourself asking these questions, then this may be the book for you!

Did you know that this best-selling book on malt whisky was originally authored in 1989 by Michael Jackson, who was regarded as the world's foremost authority on whisky until his death in 2007. His legacy lives on in his books, which have been approved by his estate. This brilliant book about whiskey has been fully updated by world-leading whisky consultants Dominic Roskrow, author of 12 books about whiskey, and Gavin D. Smith - a professional writer with over 20 years experience, to include all the latest significant bottlings since the 7th edition in 2015. A new introduction section includes hot news on all the current whisky questions being asked.

Discover the wonderful world of whisky as you explore:

- Fully updated and modernised edition of the world's best-selling book on malt whisky
- Includes whisky tasting notes on over 1,000 malts arranged from A-Z
- Includes vintage whiskies from 1926 onwards
- Approximately 70% of the text is updated to include all the latest significant bottlings
- Updated by whisky experts Dominic Roskcow and Gavin D. Smith

Find whisky tasting notes on over 1,000 malts arranged from A-Z, including vintages from 1926 onwards and the very latest releases. For distilleries in the New World Whisky section there are brand-new whisky tasting notes. This comprehensive whisky guide defines the characteristics of each whisky, gives it an overall score, making it the perfect companion for keen whisky drinkers and new converts to the wonderful world of the single malt.

From the origins of malt whiskey to the language of the label, this book's tasting notes for more than 1,000 bottlings, practical advice on buying and collecting malts, and hundreds of colour images make it the perfect gift for any whisky lover. No other book contains as much detail on all aspects of whisky, making it a must-have volume for a new generation of whisky drinkers, or people who want to try different whiskies but don't know where to start.

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