Gardens of the World

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ISBN: 9780241559246
Author :
Publisher: DK Eyewitness Travel
Number of pages: 256
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Format: 262 x 220

Explore the world's most stunning gardens and gain expert knowledge you can apply to your own green space with this all-encompassing guide to gorgeous gardens!

Illustrated with inspiring photography and full of fascinating insights from expert gardeners, this beautiful compilation takes you on a visual journey of some of the world's most gorgeous gardens and green
spaces, brought to you by the leading publisher in the UK gardening category,

The book is split into five chapters, each focusing on a different theme. From the intricately planned and carefully curated French formal gardens of Versailles to the surrealist jungle dreamland of Mexico's Las Pozas, these gardens prove that green-fingered ingenuity comes in many forms and thrives in even the most unlikely of locations.

Soar into the pages of this intricately designed garden guide to discover:

-Informative introduction giving history and context of garden travel as a phenomenon
-An overview of the types of garden that are going to feature in the book
-Approximately 60 "must-visit" gardens and green spaces organized thematically
-Gardens by the Bay, an astonishing feat of modern horticultural engineering
-Immersive descriptions of each garden, giving its history, significance and cultural context
-Feature spreads throughout shine a light on a particular area of interest
-Plenty of hard-working content in the form of pull-out elements, story boxes, timelines, quotes from head gardeners and gardening tips to inspire you in your own horticultural efforts at home

According to a recent study, the UK saw 54.4 million domestic day trips in England which included a visit to a garden compared to 47 million in 2017, an increase of 16%. Garden attractions also saw a 3% annual increase in domestic and inbound visitors, above the average for all attraction types.

From urban oases like Palo Alto and The High Line, to the wild and wonderful Le Jardine Plume or Las Pozas, this book draws on areas of expertise to create a unique and informative offering in the garden travel niche.

A must-have volume for garden tourists, whether solo travellers or groups whose ideal trip features an organized expert-led tour of beautiful destination gardens around the world. Proving the perfect gift for the garden-lover in your life, this inspiring garden book is ideal for those looking to start travelling again and tailoring their trips to a post-Covid world.

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