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Draw & Color Anime Kit : Learn to Draw and Color Manga Cutie

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ISBN: 9780785841203
Published: 2022
Publisher: Chartwell
Number of pages: 48
Language: English
Format: Mixed-media
Learn to draw and color your own anime art with this all-in-one Draw & Color Anime kit--complete with a guide, a coloring book, and markers.

Anime and manga are Japanese comic book art styles that have become popular all around the world. This kit introduces you to this fun genre with two books. The first, Anime Art Class, guides you through the basic techniques and style principles of anime art to get you started making your own characters. The second is Manga Coloring book. Manga and anime fans will love this coloring book that is packed full of charming anime and manga-style characters that are fun to color and are excellent examples of the art's signature style.

This kit includes: 48-page Drawing Instruction Book48-page Coloring Book10 Colored Markers
Draw & Color Anime kit is a great way to get started with this art style, and the perfect gift for the anime and manga fans in your life.

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