Laura Derbyshire

The Handmade Grimoire

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ISBN: 9781446309681
Author : Laura Derbyshire
Published: 2023
Publisher: David & Charles
Number of pages: 160
Language: English
Format: Paperback
The path of a modern witch is filled with learning and discovery, gathering knowledge that is recorded in the Grimoire - a Witch's personal journal of their craft. A grimoire is a magickal encyclopaedia, a living document and extension of the witch creating it - a unique expression of their magickal journey.

In The Handmade Grimoire, Laura Derbyshire introduces readers to the joy of creating a personal grimoire from scratch, and encourages them to seek out new ways to engage with their craft through creative self-expression. Combining witchcraft and crafting, The Handmade Grimoire celebrates a magpie mind, shows readers how to approach their magickal practice with endless curiosity, and how to find the little moments of beauty all around them.

Filled with suggestions on what to include in a grimoire, layouts to try, tips and tricks for where to find materials to use, The Handmade Grimoire gives the reader permission to experiment and have fun with crafting their own grimoire, and to really engage with it as a mindful activity, that carves out space for their practice in a busy, distracting world. Practical step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to make more elaborate features to incorporate into their grimoire are supplemented with beautiful colour photography of Laura's own grimoire.

Included in the book are illustrated papers and images to be cut out and used in the reader's own grimoire, starting them out on the crafting path and giving them permission to make the art they see in the world around them something truly their own. With a variety of patterns and motifs to choose from, the 80 pages of beautifully patterned papers make it easy to start crafting a personal handmade grimoire straight away.

The perfect guide for all those starting out on their magickal journey, this book will give readers all the confidence and knowledge they need to start crafting their own grimoire from scratch, with papers and images to inspire them included, so they can record everything they learn in their witchcraft practice for years to come.

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