Pavis, Patrice

The intercultural performance reader

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ISBN: 9780415081542
Author : Pavis, Patrice
Publisher: Routledge, Inc
Number of pages: 280
Language: English
Format: Paperback
What can performers in the West learn from the technical performance traditions of Africa and Asia?

The Intercultural Performance Handbook opens up a new world of technique for performers. The first ever full-length, fully illustrated manual for practitioners, it provides:

A guide to the physical, vocal and improvisational dynamics of non-Western performance
A new vocabulary with which to interpret plays from around the globe.
Games to use for exploring rhythm, movement, balance, tension and gesture, breathwork, stylisation, and the use of the voice
A practical, hands-on approach to creating vibrant theatrical work

Studies on intercultural performance are usually written by scholars and researchers. John Martin explains the definition and development of intercultural performance from the perspective of an experienced practitioner. He provides exercises, practical advice, and a clear training process for the inquiring actor or director.

The book is a process of discovery, carefully written so as to develop understanding and move towards empowerment for the adventurous theatre-maker.

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