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Anders de la Motte
Dead of Winter
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ISBN: 9781785769467
Author : Anders de la Motte
Published: 2022
Number of pages: 448
Language: English
Format: Paperback
The nights are closing in ... and so is the truth in this tense thriller from Sweden's number one bestselling author. Perfect for fans of Henning Mankell and Val McDermid.

'Tightly plotted and dark with psychological suspense, intriguing characters and vivid milieus that never stop delivering' - KATRINE ENGBERG, author of the Korner and Werner series

It was always going to be a night to remember

Winter 1987

Laura is excited to spend Christmas as usual with her beloved aunt Hedda and her friends. But her festive mood soon turns sour as she finds both old faces and new are keeping secrets from her. When a fire claims the life of her best friend, the scars of that night will remain with Laura for the rest of her life.

With her aunt's death, Laura inherits the cabin village Hedda used to manage and is forced to return to the town she hasn't set foot in since the tragedy. Laura's presence stirs up repressed emotions in the small community and it isn't long before a series of arson attacks casts suspicion on her. Though Laura is desperate to leave, she learns her aunt discovered something about that fateful night not long before she died.

But someone wants the past to stay buried . . .

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