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S.M. Gaither

The Queen of the Dawn Shadows & Crowns

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ISBN: 9781804945896
Author : S.M. Gaither
Published: 2024
Publisher: Cornerstone
Number of pages: 640
Language: English
Format: Paperback
The epic conclusion to the 'Shadows & Crowns' seriesCassia Greythorne has survived battles with gods and monsters and the crown is in her grasp. But the power of the dark god Malaphar grows ever stronger, threatening the future of their world before her reign has even begun.Still there is hope: a way to banish him forever has been revealed. It will take Casia and her friends into a strange new realm, where they must face old enemies and race to decipher a bewildering ancient magic.But time is short. Chaos spreads throughout the empires and the bonds between allies begin to fray. With every bloody battle, the cost of saving their world becomes clearer.Dawn is coming. But will they survive to see the new day?

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