Gennaro Falcone

Via delle Preposizioni e dei Provomi A1-A2

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ISBN: 9788899358822
Author : Gennaro Falcone
Published: 2020
Publisher: Edilingua
Number of pages: 168
Language: Italian
Format: Paperback
A practical and useful compendium for practicing the use of Italian prepositions and pronouns. The book features varied and enjoyable activities, which stimulate cognitive processes, and an analysis of the living language, which facilitates and accompanies the discovery of grammatical rules. The book – in full colour – is aimed at teenagers and adults, beginners or near beginners, who are studying Italian. It can support any textbook used in language courses and can be used by the student for self-study, thanks to the provision of answers in the appendix. The book is divided into three sections: - The prepositions, 25 chapters interspersed with 7 progress tests that allow you to monitor the learning path; - The pronouns, 12 chapters interspersed with 3 progress tests; - Infogramma, grammar tables, easy to consult, on the uses and functions of Italian prepositions and pronouns; mini quizzes after each table make the consultation more dynamic and active.

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