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Brian Lloyd-Duckett

52: Black & White Photography

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ISBN: 9781781454442
Author : Brian Lloyd-Duckett
Published: 2021
Publisher: GMC Publications
Number of pages: 128
Language: English
Format: Hardback
This book is a mission brief, a portfolio of photographic workshops, a personalised journal and an inspirational guide to putting the creativity back into your craft. It is filled with a year's worth of weekly commissions and concepts for conceiving and composing powerful black and white images. From capturing clouds, reflections and water to shooting cityscapes, architecture and vehicles, all the assignments in this book have been written to inspire you to embrace this timeless art and convey the essence of your subject through shades of light and dark alone. Whether you're photographing natural elements or manmade landscapes, each assignment encourages you to look at the world in a new way, relying on shape, texture, and the source, direction and intensity of light, rather than colour, to create eye-catching images. Full of technical advice and professional tips, the book includes journal space for you to add your own notes, lists and tech specs, creating a unique journal in which you can record the journey you have made with your imagery. Complete the assignments weekend by weekend over the course of a year, or dip in every time you need to bring a new concept or creative approach to your monochromatic photography. AUTHOR: Chris Gatcum, who is based in south-east England, is an award-winning photographer and a highly experienced writer and editor of technical and technique-based photography books. He is a regular contributor to Outdoor Photography magazine, and his published books include Mastering Film Photography and 52 Assigments: Experimental Photography. 80 photographs, 10 illustrations

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