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Barbara Bruno

High-Tech High-Touch Recruitin g

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ISBN: 9781789665154
Author : Barbara Bruno
Published: 2020
Publisher: Kogan Page Science
Number of pages: 232
Language: English
Format: Paperback
CATEGORY SILVER WINNER: Axiom Awards 2021 - Human Resources/Employee Training Category

Despite global economic conditions, companies are always looking to attract and retain the best talent. Unfortunately, almost 30% of US job seekers leave a new job within the first 30 days. Why? Many new recruiters rely too heavily on high-tech tools to attract candidates and may not have learned the fundamental relationship-building skills that help recruiters ensure that clients and candidates are a good match.

High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting provides recruiters with an end-to-end process for recruiting the highest caliber talent who, after they are hired, will become engaged employees. While emphasizing the overall importance of building "high-touch" relationship-building skills, the book outlines how these can be blended successfully with "high-tech" tools such as AI-powered software applications to identify a large pool of qualified job candidates. Once you've identified candidates, the author cautions against the sole use of text and email communication and suggests that recruiters conduct a general interview in order to better ascertain whether a candidate is the best fit for the role.

High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting comes with online resources including sample offer letters, recruiting scripts, job requisitions, interview scorecard, a listing of characteristics of best hires and guidelines for a 9-step telephone interview process.

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