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Michelle Reale

The Indispensable Academic Librarian

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ISBN: 9780838916384
Author : Michelle Reale
Published: 2018
Publisher: American Library Association
Number of pages: 128
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Traditionally, academic librarians have delivered "beck and call" service to educators both in and out of the classroom. However, far from being merely auxiliary to the learning cycle, academic librarians are educators in their own right. If the primary challenge before them is to change how they're perceived within their institutions, Reale proposes, the key lies in becoming a proactive teacher and collaborator. Offering strategies applicable to many different areas, this book shows how the academic librarian can be an educator in both structured and unstructured spaces on campuses. Blending practice-based evidence with a warm approach, Reale

discusses the changing perception of academic librarians, how they are seen and how they see themselves;
shows how academic librarians can and should assert their rightful place in the learning cycle;
looks at how to match teaching goals with academic librarians' mission;
advocates for the indispensable roles the academic librarian should play, including co-collaborator, one-on-one research consultant, expert-at-large in non-structured spaces such as the dorm or student lounge, and embedded librarian in the classroom;
offers talking points for self-advocacy, looking at the many ways academic librarians are making a difference; and
explores activities and programming for engagement and learning.

This book will empower and validate academic librarians by demonstrating their indispensable roles as educators.

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