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Melusine Draco

Western Animism-Pagan Portals: Zen & the Art of Positive Paga

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ISBN: 9781789041231
Author : Melusine Draco
Published: 2019
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
Number of pages: 96
Language: English
Format: Paperback
A Zen approach to the World, the Universe and Everything. Many of today's disenfranchised pagans in the West appear to be seeking a spiritual connection to life without feeling the need to become a witch, a Wiccan, a shaman, Heathen, or a Druid. Here the Shinto approach fulfils the basic need for a belief system based on what we would define as simple animism and ancestor worship in accord with the world's other, authentic, animistic traditions such as the Australian Aboriginal and Native American way of life; while Zen provides the intellectual stimulation rising from the simplicity of basic folk-belief to elevate the soul to a higher level of mysticism.

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