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Maranik, Eliq
101 Smoothies to Mixand Enjoy
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ISBN: 9783848006830
Author : Maranik, Eliq
Published: 2014
Publisher: h.f. ullmann are imprints
Number of pages: 240
Language: English
Format: Hardback
Is there any beverage more delightfully refreshing and nutritious than a thick and delicious smoothie? 101 Smoothies by food and desserts expert Eliq Maranik is the ultimate book on the subject. The author guides you through each of these 101 mouthwatering recipes, packed with fresh and delicious ingredients, with tips on combinations, preparation and preservation.
In addition, you can rate the smoothies according to your taste and take notes about your own versions of each particular smoothie. Relying on the natural sweetness of fruits and the nutritional benefits of vegetables, you can enjoy smoothies in large glasses without any pangs of guilt.

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