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Louisa Morgan

The Great Witch of Brittany

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ISBN: 9780356516820
Author : Louisa Morgan
Published: 2022
Number of pages: 432
Language: English
Format: Paperback

Return to the world of A Secret History of Witches with the bewitching tale of Ursule Orchière and her discovery of magical abilities that will not only change the course of her life but every generation that comes after her.

Brittany, 1741: There hasn't been a witch born in the Orchière clan for generations. According the elders, that line is dead, leaving the clan vulnerable to persecution. Ursule Orchière has been raised on stories of the great witches of the past. But the only magic she knows are the false spells her mother weaves over the women who visit their fortune-telling tent.

All of that changes when Ursule comes of age and a spark of power flares to life. Thrilled to be chosen, she has no idea how magic will twist and shape her future. Guided by the whispers of her ancestors and an ancient grimoire, Ursule is destined to walk the same path as the great witches of old. But danger hovers over her. Will she be able to escape the bloodlust of the mob or the flames of the pyre?

Praise for Louisa Morgan:

'A must-read for those who like magic, love and a little bit of feel-good feminism in their historical fiction' Library Journal on The Age of Witches

'A beautiful generational tale, reminiscent of Practical Magic . . . but much more expansive in scope. Grounded and real, painful and hopeful at the same time' Laure Eve, author of The Graces, on A Secret History of Witches

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