Historic Maps and Views ofBerlin
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ISBN: 9783833157745
Leidinio kalba: Anglų
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Berlin was not built in seven days – it took centuries, until it was what it is today: a glamorous metropolis, which sets standards both now and in the past. 24 historical maps and city views give insights into urban developments, from the first city wall to the modern underground train system, show architectural masterstrokes and document formative cultural-historical moments. The different illustrators and artists have created a mosaic from 24 maps and city views, which not only shows a snapshot but rather connects centuries, by using the techniques and materials of their times. The history of this metropolis can surely not be retraced quicker and more memorable.


• 24 historical and contemporary maps and views for detaching and hanging • High value reproductions • Stable cardboard • Concise accompanying texts

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