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Werner Platzer

Color Atlas of Human Anatomy: Vol. 1 Locomotor System

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ISBN: 9783132424432
Autorius : Werner Platzer
Leidimo metai: 2022
Leidėjas: Thieme
Puslapių skaičius: 484
Leidinio kalba: Anglų
Formatas: Minkšti viršeliai
Formatas: 189.87×127

Color Atlas of Human Anatomy, Volume 1: Locomotor System

For over 45 years, the three-volume Color Atlas of Human Anatomy has provided readers with a compact review of the human body and its structures. It is ideal for studying, preparing for exams, and as a reference.

The new, 8th edition of Volume 1: Locomotor System builds on a robust foundation of scientific knowledge, summarizing in its compactness both the topographic and systemic anatomy of the musculoskeletal system.

Key highlights:

  • Updated clinical notes provide important correlations between the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and disease processes
  • Proven concept of concise texts paired with more than 200 color plates of outstanding anatomical illustrations
  • Overviews of anatomical terms and their Latin equivalents

Volume 1: Locomotor System is accompanied by Volume 2: Internal Organs (ISBN 978-3-13-242448-7) and Volume 3: Nervous System and Sensory Organs (ISBN 978-3-13-242451-7).

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