Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist - Humanitas
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Demetra Daskalo Logothetis

Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist

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ISBN: 9780323718561
Autorius : Demetra Daskalo Logothetis
Leidimo metai: 2021
Leidėjas: Mosby
Leidinio kalba: Anglų
Formatas: Minkšti viršeliai
Formatas: 10.875×8.5

<p><b>Binder-Ready Edition:</b> This loose-leaf copy of the full text is a convenient, accessible, and customizable alternative to the bound book. With this binder-ready edition, students can personalize the text to match their unique needs!</p> <p>Learn the safe use of local anesthesia with the only book written specifically for dental hygienists! <b>Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist, 3rd Edition </b>provides a complete guide to pharmacology and anesthetic techniques, helping you learn procedures before you work with actual patients. Detailed drawings show dental anatomy and full-color photos illustrate specific injection techniques; case studies let you apply your knowledge to clinical practice. The Evolve website includes procedure videos and prepares you for success on board exams with practice questions and a mock licensure exam. Writing in a warm, humanistic style, dental hygiene educator Demetra Logothetis will allay any fears you may have in working with local and topical anesthetics. </p><ul><b> <li>Clear, approachable writing style</b> makes it easier to learn proper techniques and gain confidence, acknowledging not only the patient’s fear of injection but also the fears of the inexperienced clinician. </li> <li><b>More than 400 full-color photographs and illustrations</b> show techniques, procedures, and instruments. </li> <li><i><i>Procedures </i>boxes</i> provide illustrated, step-by-step instructions for performing specific procedures, including indications, contraindications, nerves and teeth affected, operator and patient positioning, insertion point, penetration, amount of anesthetic, and working time.</li> <li><b>Case studies</b> make it easier to apply concepts to the clinical setting and to develop problem-solving skills.</li> <li><b>Review questions</b> at the end of each chapter provide the opportunity to assess your understanding, and the Evolve website provides chapter practice quizzes and a 55-question mock examination. </li> <li><i><i>Dental Hygiene Considerations</i></i><b> boxes</b> summarize key points and tips for optimal care.</li> <li><b>Expert author Demetra Logothetis</b> is an educator with more than 20 years of experience teaching local anesthesia administration for dental hygienists.</li> <li><b>Key terms</b> are highlighted within the text and defined in the glossary. </li></ul><ul><b> <li>NEW! Updated information</b> is provided on local anesthesia guidelines.</li> <li><b>NEW! Videos of 15 local anesthesia procedures on the Evolve website</b> demonstrate how to perform procedures.</li> <li><b>NEW! Updated clinical photos</b> are added to show examples of both proper and improper technique.</li> <li><b>NEW! Updated case studies, procedure boxes, and multiple-choice review questions</b> allow you to measure your progress.</li></ul>

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