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Gianluca Pardelli

Chechnya and the North Caucasu s: Architectural Guide

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ISBN: 9783869227375
Autorius : Gianluca Pardelli
Leidimo metai: 2022
Leidėjas: DOM Publishers
Puslapių skaičius: 500
Leidinio kalba: Anglų
Formatas: Minkšti viršeliai
The Architectural Guide Chechnya and the North Caucasus represents the first pioneering work of its type to shed light on a little-known mountainous region split between Europe and Asia, one of the few places on Earth that can claim a varied amalgam of ethnic cities, languages, cultures, a remarkable architectural legacy, and human puzzles.

This ground-breaking and comprehensive vademecum, collecting unreleased materials and more than 130 buildings scattered throughout seven geographical and ethno-cultural areas of the North Caucasus, is a unique piece of literature to anyone interested in the culture, the history and, of course, the captivating architectural heritage of this mysterious patch of Earth.

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