Taryn McCabe

New Stamped MetalJewelry

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ISBN: 9781632505026
Autorius : Taryn McCabe
Leidimo metai: 2017
Leidėjas: Grantham book services (GBP)
Puslapių skaičius: 160
Leidinio kalba: Anglų
Formatas: Minkšti viršeliai
Cutting-edge stamping techniques and designs! Since the publication of Lisa Niven Kelly’s first book on metal stamping, the craft has undergone a revolution, with more design stamps available than ever before. This hotly-anticipated followup, authored together with Taryn McCabe, gives you even more new ways to create personalized stamped jewelry. Inside you will learn fresh techniques such as mandala stamping, and find patterns for more than 20 projects: a trendy chevron necklace, chandelier earrings, garden-themed cuff, and more. Easy-to-follow, full color step-by-step photos accompany all basic techniques, as well as the jewelry projects, to guide your way. Discover the unique looks you can achieve working with a variety of metals–silver, copper and brass–while advancing your metalsmithing skills. Whether you’re new to metal stamping or your hammer is in need of fresh inspiration, New Stamped Metal Jewelry has the instruction and inspiration you’re looking for.

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