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Luke Allen Fritz

Mosby's Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage

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ISBN: 9780323672290
Autorius : Luke Allen Fritz
Leidimo metai: 2020
Leidėjas: Mosby
Leidinio kalba: Anglų
Formatas: Minkšti viršeliai

<p>Get the science background you need to master massage therapy!<b> Mosby’s Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage, 6th Edition </b>provides full-color, easy-to-read coverage of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, and pathologic conditions for the entire body. Realistic examples apply A&P content directly to the practice of massage therapy, and learning activities help you review key material and develop critical thinking skills. Written by noted massage therapy educators Sandy Fritz and Luke Allen Fritz, this guide provides a solid foundation in the sciences and positions you for success on licensing and certification exams.</p><b> <ul> <li>Coverage of essential sciences and practical application </b>helps you study for and pass licensing and certification exams, including the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) and Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCTMB).</li> <li><b>Over 700 full-color line drawings and photos</b> show muscle locations, attachments, and actions — required knowledge for passing certification exams and for practicing massage therapy.</li> <li><b>ELAP-compliant content</b> ensures that your skills and knowledge of massage therapy meet the proficiency recommendations of the Entry-Level Analysis Project. </li> <li><b>Learning features</b> include chapter outlines, objectives, summaries, key terms, practical applications, multiple-choice review and discussion questions, plus workbook sections on Evolve.</li> <li><b><i>Biomechanics Basics</i> chapter</b> includes gait assessment and muscle testing activities along with critical thinking questions.</li> <li><b>Sections on pathologic conditions</b> include suggestions for referral protocols as well as indications and contraindications for therapeutic massage.</li> <li><b>Coverage of nutrition</b> explains how nutrition and nutritional products might affect or interfere with massage therapy, describing the basics of nutrition, the digestive process, and all of the main vitamins and minerals and their functions in the body.</li> <li><b><i>Practical Applications </i>boxes</b> include photos of massage techniques and settings, and help you learn competencies and apply material to real-world practice.</li> <li><b><i>Focus on Professionalism</i> boxes</b> summarize key information about ethics and best business practices.</li> <li><b><i>Mentoring Tips</b></i> provide practical insight into important topics and on being a massage therapy professional.</li> <li><b><i>Learning How to Learn</i> boxes</b> at the beginning of each chapter make it easier to comprehend key concepts.</li> <li><b><i>Learn More on the Web </i>boxes</b> in the book and on Evolve suggest online resources for further reading and research.</li> <li><b><i>Quick Content Review in Question Form</b></i> on Evolve reinforces the key material in each chapter and increases critical thinking skills.</li> <li><b>Appendix on diseases/conditions</b> provides a quick reference to indications and contraindications, showing how pathologic conditions may affect the safety and efficacy of therapeutic massage.</li> </ul><ul><b> <li>NEW!</b> <b>MBLEx preparation questions</b> at the end of each chapter and additional questions on the Evolve companion website prepare you for the licensure examination.</li> <li><b>NEW!</b> <b>End-of-chapter case studies</b> build your skills in critical thinking.</li> <li><b>UPDATED</b> <b>information</b> provides the most current, accurate content to help you prepare for exams and practice.</li> <li><b>NEW! Expanded Evolve site</b> provides content review and licensing exam preparation.</li> <li><b>UPDATED</b> <b>coverage of massage</b> <b>pathologies</b> reflects what you will see in the field as a practitioner.</li></ul>

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